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Dento Face Clinic Dentistry Department: The Best Dental Clinic in Dubai

Families in and around Dubai have been receiving care from our general dentists at Dento Faces Clinic for a long time. Often called the best dentist in Dubai We are committed to offering patients of all ages high-quality, moral treatment. From simple restorative procedures to complicated dental exams, we do it all.

Your first line of protection against oral illnesses is your dentist. He or she will routinely look for early indications of tooth decay or gum issues. When necessary, your dentist may also recommend experts to you.
Taking care of your teeth

Routine Dental Check-Up

A vital component of preventative healthcare is routine dental checkups.

The dentist or hygienist will clean your teeth and look for cavities and oral gum disease during a dental examination. During the examination, your risk of developing more oral health issues is assessed, and your face, neck, and mouth are examined for abnormalities. Dental radiography (X-rays) and other diagnostic techniques may also be used during a dental examination.

Our skilled dentists and endodontist at Dentofaces Clinic provide thorough dental examinations, checking your mouth for conditions that can harm your oral and general health.

Most Common Oral Problems

  • Damaged, missing or decayed teeth
  • Early signs of cavities
  • Orthodontic Issues like Misaligned teeth (e.g. spacing, bite angle)
  • Signs that you clench/grind your teeth
  • Maxillofacial Issues with the bones in your face, jaw and around your mouth
  • Gum disease(periodontal)
  • Speech impediment issues

Looking for a walk in Dentist near me? Call Dentofaces Clinic to make an appointment right away if you are experiencing tooth or gum pain, need to have dental implants done that you have been putting off, or are just past due for a checkup and cleaning.

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General Dentistry services

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Dental cleanings

One of the best ways to maintain the health of your teeth and gums and prevent the need for more expensive and time-consuming restorative procedures is to have regular dental cleanings at the intervals your dentist recommends; we use ultrasonic instruments and specialized tools to make the scaling and polishing process comfortable but thorough.

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Tooth-colored fillings

The most frequent restorative dental operation is a filling, and it is a highly efficient approach to stop tooth decay and give your tooth its full functionality.

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Root canal therapy

When a tooth becomes infected deep within due to trauma, decay, or outdated restorations, root canal therapy can be performed to treat the infection and preserve the natural tooth or use dental implants.

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We provide gentle and comfortable extractions along with a variety of efficient tooth replacement options, including dental implants and dental bridges, to help restore the function of the lost tooth. Sometimes, one or more teeth must be extracted due to the way your teeth develop, an injury, disease, or other factors.


We have special deals to ensure that you get the best, most precise dental care. At Dentofaces Dental Clinic Dubai, Our professional dental specialists perform all treatments and services using cutting-edge technology.

Let’s join us and get your free consultation now! You can book an appointment through 050 3267300.
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Frequently asked questions

Our Most frequently asked questions.

What is the best dental clinic in Dubai?

Dentofaces is the best dental clinic in Dubai. It offers a wide range of services, such as dental, oral, body, and facial plastic surgery, among other things.

What to expect at a dental clinic?

The price is determined by several choices of procedures tailored to your body. So you must consult the plastic surgeon to get the exact cost.

  • Provide the services of a professional dentist.
  • Provide a comfort clinic for the customer.
  • Digitalize dental facilities with high-level technology.
  • Provide treatment facilities and dental clinics as needed by individuals.

How much is the average cost at a dental clinic?

Depending on the treatment service, there are various price tiers at common dental clinics. For the full price list of the dental treatment at the Dubai Dental Clinic, you can get contact us via email and phone.

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What Our Patients Say

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